Nude Walkin

11.06.22 – 26.06.22
Paul Waak
Design by Rebecca Scheibke & Henning Roye

Paul Waak has landed on the Fulda river. His intervention „nude walkin“ deals with the dualism of fragility and expressivity. Feel invited to step on the lawn and experience the quirkiness of Paul Waaks space on the boat. Find yourself in between joyful paintings and raw sculptures. Do your nude walk.

Born in Dresden in 1984, Paul Waak studied visual communication with a focus on illustration at Universität der Künste in Berlin and painting at Hunter College in New York City. With his drawings, paintings, and sculptures he participated in several national as well as international exhibitions; his latest group show took place in 2021 at Galerie Parterre in Berlin. Waak’s colourful, figurative works deal with topics such as human relationships and the increasing digitalization of life, violence and innocence, beauty and crime, work and leisure. Thus, they showcase the objects, gestures, desires, and fears of our time. He always strives to make them work in a variety of shapes and contexts, be it as textiles, furniture, or theatre costumes. Paul Waak lives and works in Berlin.